Bruce Wayne is a playboy millionaire and the real identity of Batman, a vigilante operating in Gotham City to protect it of crime. He went into hiding after the death of Harvey Dent however continued fighting crime in secret.



Bruce Wayne had lost his parents Thomas and Martha Wayne when they where shot dead in an alleyway when he was just a young child. After spending years or physical and mental training he returned to Gotham City and undertaken the alias of Batman. He prevented a plot by Ra's al Ghul in destroying Gotham, and faced off with an enemy known as Joker. Batman took the blame for the 'death' of Harvey Dent in order to bring the hope Gotham needs, which would lead to the creation of the "Dent Act". Batman went into hiding after Dent's apparent death.

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Series 1Edit

When Joker had broken out of Arkham Asylum and crashed the wedding of Dr Harleen Quinzel and killed her husband Guy Kopski, Batman turned out the lights in order to take down Joker. Joker had sensed that Batman had returned and retreated to a cellar only to be grabbed by Batman. Batman held Joker up against the wall, stating he should of let him fall to his death. Before Batman could deal with Joker, Harleen arrived and shot Batman. Batman managed to slip away whilst Joker and Harleen where distracted with each other.

Bruce Wayne received surgery for his gunshot wound, which was passed off as an accident while on a trip. His friend Thomas Elliot did the surgery and refused to comment to the press on Wayne's injuries.

Series 2Edit

Bruce disguised himself as Miles Malone and attended a board meeting at Arkham Asylum, a crooked investor who owns shares at Arkham. During this the lights go out after Jeremiah Arkham takes over the facility and Miles appears to have been stabbed in the back. However when the other board members flee, Wayne removes his disguise and puts on a mask and patrols the corridors.

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