Jeremiah Arkham Series 2

Jeremiah Arkham was the owner of Arkham Asylum. The loss of his asylum and including his wife Lisa being put into a coma due to the actions of the Joker led to Jeremiah becoming the main antagonist in Series 2 of The Joker Blogs.


Jeremiah Arkham became the new owner of Arkham Asylum having inherited it from his uncle Amadeus. After notorious inmate Joker was assaulted by Hugo Strange Jeremiah met with him in the cafeteria to make sure he wouldn't press charges on the asylum for the attack.

Night of TerrorEdit

One night Jeremiah enters his car at the end of a shift, only to notice a camera set up watching him. Joker turns out to be in the back seat and holds Jeremiah at gunpoint. Despite Jeremiah warning Joker that everyone is looking for him, Joker gets him to vacate the parking lot and takes him home where he ties up and gags both Jeremiah and his wife Lisa. After setting up a bomb, he takes Jeremiah away and leaves Lisa behind. After botching up the wedding of Arkham psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel, Joker takes Jeremiah and another nurse named Pearl to an abandoned parking lot. Joker gives one of his "you know how I got these scars" stories to Pearl intending to harm her, until a swat team arrived to take down Joker. At this point Jeremiah made a break for it, but unfortunately for him he tried to flag down a car only to find Joker as the passenger and was subsequently recaptured.

After the night of terror, Joker takes Jeremiah home and gets him to give away the asylum over the phone to a buyer. But Joker doesn't meet his end of the bargain, and forces Jeremiah to watch as his house is blown up. In rage Jeremiah attempts to attack Joker but is knocked out. Joker then phones the emergency services and waits for the police to arrive.

Taking back the AsylumEdit

Lisa was put in a coma, with no hope of recovery however Jeremiah was determined to save her. When in her hospital room he has a nurse attacked by Jonathan Crane and ends his video warning Jim Gordon not to come after him. Jeremiah and Crane then retrieve his wife.

At some point after Jeremiah, along with Crane and Lock-up take over the asylum. Jeremiah then tasks a kidnapped Doctor Thomas Elliot to perform life saving surgery on Lisa and use a donor. He presents Elliot with Selina Kyle - the woman who Jeremiah hired to kidnap Tommy in the first place, in order to see if she is a match.

Jeremiah later goes to meet Lex Luthor who is the new owner of the asylum. He gets Luthor to sign over the asylum. Knowing Luthor will more than likely plan to have him killed once he leaves, Jeremiah spins a coin on the table. When it lands on scarred side up, the thought-to-be-deceased Harvey Dent appears behind Luthor and shoots him.


  • In the comics Jeremiah took over the alias of Black Mask after the death of Roman Sionis.
  • His quest to save his wife by doing villainous acts maybe a reference to the character of Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, who turns to villainy in order to find a way to cure his dying wife Nora.

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