Lisa Arkham

Lisa Arkham is the wife of Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, who would later end up in a coma and brain dead through the actions of the Joker.


During the Joker's breakout at Arkham Asylum her husband Jeremiah is held hostage. They turn up at the Arkham household and Joker makes Jeremiah knock on the door. Lisa arrives and is confused to why her husband is dressed up in an orange jumpsuit. Joker then appears out of nowhere and hits her head off the door, dragging her into the house followed by a panicking Jeremiah.

Both Lisa and her husband are tied up and gagged by Joker, who begins toying with them and making them 'dinner'. After a few minutes, Joker places a bomb in front of Lisa, and takes away Jeremiah so he could do his bidding. Despite everything that Jeremiah did for Joker, including signing over his asylum to Lex Luthor, Joker allows the bomb to go off anyway, putting Lisa into a coma.

Lisa's injuries left her brain dead, with burns over her entire body and the only way to keep her alive was left on a ventilator. This sent Jeremiah over the edge and he refused to have her ventilator switched off, believing there was a chance of survival. He has her taken away from the hospital with the help of his accomplices Lock Up and Scarecrow and takes her to Arkham Asylum in which Jeremiah takes over. Jeremiah has Thomas Elliot kidnapped wanting him to save her and get organ donors, despite being told she has no chance of making a recovery.


  • Kendra Cashmore who plays Lisa took over the role of Dr Harleen Quinzel in the second series of Joker Blogs.
  • Lisa's role during her coma appears to be taken from the character of Nora Fries - the dying wife of supervillain Mr. Freeze. Like Jeremiah, Mr. Freeze turned to villainy and did all he could in order to save his dying wife.

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