The Joker Blogs - Shotgun Wedding (17)-0

The Joker Blogs - Shotgun Wedding (17)-0

The bride and groom would like to thank the father of the bride, Harold Quinzel for all of his support.  The ceremony will be preformed by Father McHale of St. Swithun's Catholic Church. A special thank you to Jack Ryder, for taking the time to film the ceremony.  The bride would like to thank the maid of honor, Pamela Isley for all of her help.  The groom wishes to thank the best man, his brother Garrett Kopski.  Also in attendance with honorable mention are doctors Thomas Elliot and Hugo Strange, along with his wife Helen, and Quincy Sharp, a co-worker of the bride.  We hope you have enjoyed this life-changing event as much as we did!




Harleen Quinzel

Guy Kopski

Jack Ryder

Pamela Isley

Hugo Strange

Thomas Elliot