Thomas Elliot

Thomas Elliot was a doctor at the Gotham City hospital, and later at Arkham Asylum.


Thomas Elliot worked at the Gotham General hospital until its destruction by the Joker who had blown it up. He later began working at Arkham Asylum.

Thomas attended the wedding of  Harleen Quinzel and Guy Kopski, turning up late. However it never went ahead as Joker, who had escaped Arkham Asylum that evening, had infiltrated the wedding and killed Guy. Thomas later gave up interview for GCN (Gotham City News), stating he never liked the Joker, and had high hopes about Arkahm Asylum being under new management (as Joker got owner of Arkham Asylum, Jeremiah Arkham to sign it over to businessman Lex Luthor). When questioned about him doing surgery for Bruce Wayne, he stated he wanted to keep the business with the Wayne Family "Hush Hush".

When attending a party at a nightclub, Thomas comes across Selina Kyle who he takes home with him. However she drugged and kidnapped him, taking him to Jeremiah who wants Thomas to perform surgery on his wife at Arkham Asylum.


  • Thomas Elliot is played by Scott Mcclure, one of the creators of Joker's Blogs and also plays Joker, the main character in the series.
  • Thomas Elliot's line about him keeping his business with the Wayne Family "Hush Hush" is a reference to him name Hush he undertakes when becoming a criminal. If the background used in the comics is used, its possible this version of Dr Elliot was once a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne and may undertake the identity of Hush and try to get revenge on him for Bruce's parents saving Hush's family who he attempted to kill when younger.

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